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  • Marketing Opportunities Guide

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  • Certified Nursing Assistant

    Job Title: CNA                                                                                  Wage Level: Hourly
    Department: Nursing                                                                       Effective Date:
    Reports To: Director of Nursing                                                    Review Date:
    Safety Level: Safety Sensitive Position
    General Purpose
    The primary purpose of your job description is to provide your assigned residents with routine daily nursing care, in accordance with our established nursing care procedures, and as directed by your supervisors.
    Qualifications and Skills

    • Must be current as a certified nursing assistant
    • Must have High School Diploma or GED
    • Must have valid driver’s license and proof of insurance
    • Related Experience
    • Proven Leadership abilities
    • Must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age-related needs of the residents served
    • Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action
    • Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public
    • Must have patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as must be willing to handle residents, staff, and visitors, based on whatever maturity level at which they are currently functioning
    • Must be able to maintain good personnel relations and employee morale
    • Must work well both individually and as part of a team through respect, collaboration, and dedication
    • Ability to prioritize and organize work effectively and efficiently
    • Demonstrates positive attitude, high integrity and ethical awareness
    • Successful completion of health screening
    • Must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals in the workplace
    Standard Requirements
    • Support the Mission, Values, and Vision of Methodist Village Senior Living and the Campus
    • Knowledgeable of resident rights and ensures an atmosphere, which allows for the privacy, dignity, and well-being of all residents in a safe, secure environment
    • Report to Management immediately all instances of abuse, neglect, misappropriation/handling of resident property, or other concerns such as inadequate staffing, etc.
    • Participate in all investigations as required
    • Follows policies for acceptable attendance, uniform and dress codes including personal hygiene, and other work duties as assigned
    • Support, cooperate with, and implement specific procedures and programs for:
      • Safety, including standard precautions and safe work practices, established fire/safety/disaster plans, risk management, and security, report and/or correct unsafe working conditions, equipment repair and maintenance needs
      • Maintain confidentiality of all data, including resident, employee, and operations data and comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security
      • Comply with all Quality Assurance and regulatory requirements
      • Comply with current law and policy to provide a work environment free from harassment, and all illegal and discriminatory behavior
      • Complete required in-service training
    • Support and participate in common teamwork and provide great customer service
      • Cooperate and work together with all co-workers; treating fellow staff members like you want to be treated and avoid spreading rumors and gossip.
      • Plan and complete job duties with minimal supervisory direction, including appropriate judgment.
      • Use tactful, appropriate communications in sensitive and emotional situations.
      • Follow up as appropriate with supervisor, co-workers or residents regarding reported complaints, problems, and concerns
      • Promote positive public relations with residents, family members, and guests
    Essential Job Functions
    Administrative Functions-
    • Record all entries one-care guide, CNA communication sheets, etc., in an informative and descriptive manner
    • Use the e-care photo to identify residents before administering care, serving meals, etc. if necessary
    • Report all incidents and accidents you observe at time of occurrence
    • Use only authorized abbreviations established by the facility when recording information
    • Using facility procedures, report all changes in the resident's condition to the Charge/Staff Nurse as soon as practical
    Admission, Transfer, & Discharge Functions-
    • Greet and escort residents to their rooms
    • Introduce residents to his/her roommate, if any, and other residents and personnel, as appropriate
    • Make residents comfortable
    • Assist with inventory and mark the resident’s personal belongings
    • Store resident’s clothing
    • Assist resident with packing personal belongings when he/she is being transferred to a new room or when being discharged
    • Transport residents to a new room or to a receiving area
    • Assist residents with loading/ unloading as necessary
    Personnel functions-
    • Follow work assignments, and/or work schedules in completing and performing your assigned task
    • Perform all assigned task in accordance with facility established policies and procedures, and as instructed by supervisors
    • You must notify the facility as soon as possible when you will be late or absent from work
    •  Report to your supervisor or DON all complaints and grievances made by the residents and/or family members
    • Cooperate with inter-department personnel, as well as the other facility personnel to assure that the needs of the residents can adequately be met
    • Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as a calm environment throughout the unit and shift
    • Meet with your shifts nursing personnel on a regularly scheduled basis, to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas and/or the improvement of services
    Plan of Care/Personal Nursing Care Functions-
    • Participate in and receive the nursing report upon reporting for duty
    • Assist residents daily with dental and mouth care (i.e. brushing teeth/dentures, oral hygiene, special mouth care, etc.)
    • Give or assist residents with bathing (i.e. bed bath, tub, or shower, etc.)
    • Assist residents with dressing/undressing as necessary
    • Assist residents with hair and nail care
    • Assist residents with bowel and bladder functions
    • Maintain intake and output records as instructed
    • Check and report bowel movements and character of stools, as instructed
    • Collect specimens as instructed (i.e. urine, stools, etc.)
    • Assist residents in preparing for medical tests
    • Assist residents with preparing for activities and social programs
    • Transport residents to and from activities and social programs as necessary
    • Assist with lifting, turning, moving, positioning, and transporting residents in and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, etc.
    • Answer all residents calls promptly
    • Assist residents to walk with or without self-help devices as instructed
    • Preform restorative and rehabilitative procedures as instructed
    • Provide ear and eye care
    • Measure and record temperatures, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure as instructed
    • Assist in preparing the resident for physical examination
    • Assist with care of the dying resident
    • Provide post mortem care, as instructed
    • Check resident routinely to assure that personal needs are being met
    Special Nursing Care Functions-
    • Observe and report the presence of pressure areas and skin breakdowns to prevent pressure sores
    • Provide daily perineal care
    • Reposition bedfast and chair bound residents at least every two (2) hours
    • Observe disoriented and comatose residents, record and report data as instructed
    • Watch for and report any change in room temperature, ventilations, lighting, etc. and maintain room temperature at resident’s comfort level
    • Turn any medications found in the resident’s room/possession over to the Charge Nurse
    • Provide residents with reality or validation orientation as instructed
    Food Service Functions-
    • Prepare residents for meals
    • Serve food trays, assist with feeding as indicated
    • Assist residents in identifying food arrangements
    • Record the resident’s food/fluid intake. Report changes in the resident’s eating habits to charge nurse
    • Keep residents water pitcher clean and filled with fresh water and within reach of resident
    • Serve between meal and bedtime snacks
    • Perform after-meal care (i.e. remove trays, clean resident’s hands, face, clothing, take to bathroom, brush teeth, clean dentures, etc.)
    Staff Development Functions-
    • Attend and participate in scheduled training and educational classes
    • Attend and participate in scheduled orientation programs and activities
    Safety & Sanitation Functions-
    • Assist to divert residents who are at risk for elopement
    • Notify the Charge Nurse of any resident leaving or missing from the facility
    • Keep floors dry and report all spills immediately
    • Keep excess supplies and equipment off floor, and store in designated area
    • Keep residents’ personal belongings off floor and properly stored
    • Keep the nurse call system within easy reach of the resident
    • Report all hazardous conditions and equipment to the Charge Nurse immediately
    • Follow established safety precautions in the performance of all duties
    • Report all safety violations
    • Wash hands before and after performing any service for residents
    • Wash wheelchairs, walkers, etc. as directed
    • Clean, disinfect, and return resident care equipment to its designated storage area after each use
    • Wash hands before entering and leaving an isolation room/area
    • Report any communicable disease that you come in contact with to the Infection Control Director
    • Follow established isolation precautions and procedures
    Equipment & Supply Functions-
    • Use only equipment you have been trained to use
    • Operate all equipment in a safe manner
    • Use only equipment and supplies necessary to the job
    • Report all defective equipment to the Charge Nurse
    • Inform the Charge Nurse of your equipment and supply needs
    Care Plan Functions-
    • Review Care Plans daily to ensure that you are providing appropriate care
    • Document care given to resident
    Resident Rights Functions-
    • Maintain resident confidentiality
    • Treat residents with kindness, dignity and respect
    • Know, comply with and ensure that all personnel know and comply with Resident’s Rights
    • Promptly report to the Administrator any grievances
    Working Conditions
    • Interact with residents, family members, staff, visitors, government agencies / personnel, etc. under all conditions / circumstances
    • May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset residents, family members, staff, visitors, etc., under all conditions / circumstances
    • May be subject to frustrations in meeting work demands due to frequent interruptions
    • May be exposed to infectious waste; diseases, conditions, etc., including exposure to the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses
    Physical & Sensory Requirements for all Job Functions
    • Walk, sit, and stand frequently alternating throughout the workday.
    • Ability to lift, carry, push, bend, reach, grasp, perform fine manipulations, etc., necessary to perform job duties
    • Ability to remain calm under stress
    • Ability to communicate with residents, staff, families, and volunteers
    • Obtain annual TB skin test, if possible, and flu vaccination (Arkansas required).
    I understand this job description and its requirements. I understand that this is not an exclusive list of the job functions and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand these job functions may be altered by management without notice. I understand that this job description in no way constitutes an employment agreement and that I am an at-will employee.
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