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  • Quality Control Tech

    Posted: 04/07/2021

    Position Description – Quality Assurance Technician

    BUSINESS GROUP/DEPT.:        Quality

    FLSA Class and Grade:            Non-Exempt 

    REPORTS TO:                Quality Assurance Supervisor

    Job Number:                          80213 (First Proc.) 52254 (Further Proc.)



    Tests and conducts routine and non-routine analysis of raw materials, in-process, and finished product, using variety of testing devices and procedures to maintain product quality.



    Tests and inspects products at various stages of production process and compiles and evaluates statistical data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products. Performs analytical tests on samples, using instrumentation and equipment and performs calculations to measure factors. Tests product to verify factors. 


    Collects and records results of sampling and testing to maintain record of product quality. Collects, measures, and weighs samples of materials.Assists in implementing a total quality management program and/or trains others on total quality management. 


    Participates as a member of the Team. Participates in the ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs and policies; coordinates work to ensure best practices with all team members. Attends appropriate team meetings. As a member of the Team, fosters strong cohesiveness regarding all major issues; e.g., direction, annual plan, budget, policy changes, etc. Accepts responsibility to quickly identify any areas that lack cohesiveness, bringing them to the attention of the team leader and working with the team in a supportive manner to resolve issues and actively look for ways, and reinforce actions needed, to achieve synergy possible within the larger organization.


    Simmons Operating systems principles and objectives: Is familiar with Simmons’ established operating systems (e.g. quality, security, office environment, company policies, LEAN); understands the responsibility to maintain familiarity with the systems and this position’s role in support of these systems - including a consideration of the impact of individual actions on the systems and the responsibility to communicate concerns and improvement ideas.


    Performs other duties as necessary in support of business objectives: This position description is intended to guide the activities of the person in this position and is not intended to limit the thinking and creativity of the person as to the work of this function nor is it intended that this describe all the work that may be required of the person in this position.


    Physical Activities: Standing on feet for entire shift; bending at waist; uses both hands; walking; lift up to 55 lbs.; must be able tolerate temperatures above 100º or below 32º at any given time. The working environment is wet, cold and at times walking surfaces are slippery.  Personal safety is a must for this area.  


    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):  Employee will use hair net(s), hearing protection, and gloves, apron, sleeve guards (if required), mesh gloves (if using knife or scissors) and smock.


    Travel: N/A


    Technical Experience:  N/A


    Industry Experience:  N/A