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  • Marketing Opportunities Guide

  • Marketing Opportunities Guide

  • Put your business front and center by sponsoring a Chamber event, annual program, or digital media.

    New network building events in 2022 include the Battle of the Business Bowling Tournament and the Local Lunch for restaurants.  BE PRO BE PROUD and Connecting Educators in Industry are focused on building the workforce pipeline for our community.  Also new this year are two annual program sponsorships, the Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Chamber Ambassadors, both focused on advocacy for a strong, business friendly climate in our community, county, and state. 

    Or promote your business utilizing the Chamber website, which received more than 145,000 visits in 2021. And don't forget the long running favorites; the Annual Meeting & Business Expo, the Golf Classic, Business After Hours, and the Arkansas Scholars Award Ceremony.




  • Uncover Weaknesses In Your Business Using These Methods

    As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to assess both operational and financial weaknesses to keep your business running smoothly. No one likes to think that their beloved business may have issues, but addressing them head-on will make all the difference. Here are some tips from the Van Buren Chamber on how to identify and address weaknesses in your business.

    Maximize Cash Flow

    One of the most important aspects of a successful business is managing cash flow. Too often, businesses have trouble collecting payments from customers or clients, which can put a strain on resources. To maximize cash flow, consider shortening payment terms with clients that require more time than usual to pay, instituting late fees for delinquent accounts, and adding incentives such as discounts for prompt payments. Additionally, look into utilizing electronic payments whenever possible, as this will help reduce the amount of time between invoices being sent out and when they’re paid.

    Overhaul Your Overhead Spending

    Another key area to assess is overhead spending. This includes everything from supplies used in production or operations to administrative costs such as office rent or utility bills. For starters, look into ways that you could reduce expenses by shopping around for better prices on supplies or cutting back on unnecessary expenses such as staff lunches or entertainment budgets. Additionally, see if there are any areas where you could increase efficiency by investing in better tools or automating processes whenever possible. This can be done by investing in automated software solutions designed specifically for your industry (if applicable) or learning more about cost-saving measures like implementing energy-efficient policies throughout your organization.

    Analyze Your Customer Segments

    Another area where businesses often get tripped up is customer segment analysis. Knowing who makes up your target audience and understanding their needs helps ensure that you’re marketing appropriately and providing the best customer experience possible. Take some time to analyze customer segments using data collected from past campaigns or surveys so that you can adjust strategies accordingly going forward and improve customer satisfaction levels overall.


    Stay On Top Of Delinquent Accounts

    Delinquent accounts can mean major losses for businesses if not managed properly, so make sure to follow up on any outstanding payments right away. Consider instituting a policy where all delinquent accounts must be contacted within 48 hours after the due date before taking further steps, such as contacting collections agencies or terminating services provided until payment has been received in full (if applicable). Doing this should help ensure that all outstanding debts are taken care of quickly while maintaining positive customer relations at the same time.

    Stay Organized With PDF Tools

    Organizing financial documents such as invoices, contracts, and statements is essential when it comes to accurate bookkeeping. Make sure to keep these documents organized with PDF tools that offer features like version control (which allows users to track changes made over time) as well as powerful search capabilities. You can try this listing when you need to split a large PDF file into smaller documents, making them much more accessible.

    Invest In The Right BPM Tools

    Investing in process management software can help streamline operations across departments, which leads to improved efficiency overall--something every small business strives for. Consider looking into popular process management platforms that offer an intuitive interface, plus plenty of features designed specifically with small businesses in mind. This makes it easy for owners with limited technical knowledge to take advantage of these tools without worrying about complex setup procedures.


    Running a successful small business requires continuously assessing financials and operations regularly so that any issues can be identified early, preventing bigger problems down the line. Utilize online PDF tools to save time and money, evaluate your cash flow and overhead, and look for ways to make your daily operations more efficient. With the right moves, you can take your business into the future without suffering from any major issues.


    The Van Buren Chamber can help you reach your business goals. Take a look at all the resources we have to offer the entrepreneurs in our community.