• Photo of River in Van Buren
  • Workshop: Kintsugi with Kurt Caddy

    Join Kurt Caddy for this workshop in which you'll learn about the history and the philosophy of the Japanese art of Kintsugi - the ancient art of healing the broken. You will explore the concepts of brokenness, mending, and beauty, and learn and practice the basic steps in a westernized adaptation. In a hands-on experience, you will apply what you've learned to create a Kintsugi pottery necklace.

    • Use pottery supplied, or
    • Bring your own bowl or plate for Caddy to mend in the Kintsugi method to make your own unique pottery pieces. Add $5 to class fee for this method. 
    This workshop is for all skill levels age 12 and up.  To register, call CAE at 479-474-7767.  Class will meet from 1 pm to 3 pm on May 15th at the Center For Art & Education, 104 North 13th, Van Buren, AR.  Cost is $50.