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  • Marketing Opportunities Guide

  • Marketing Opportunities Guide

  • Put your business front and center by sponsoring a Chamber event, annual program, or digital media.

    New network building events in 2022 include the Battle of the Business Bowling Tournament and the Local Lunch for restaurants.  BE PRO BE PROUD and Connecting Educators in Industry are focused on building the workforce pipeline for our community.  Also new this year are two annual program sponsorships, the Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Chamber Ambassadors, both focused on advocacy for a strong, business friendly climate in our community, county, and state. 

    Or promote your business utilizing the Chamber website, which received more than 145,000 visits in 2021. And don't forget the long running favorites; the Annual Meeting & Business Expo, the Golf Classic, Business After Hours, and the Arkansas Scholars Award Ceremony.




  • 2024 Eclipse: Visitor Information


    On April 8, 2024, the "Great North America Eclipse" will take place in the United States. Arkansas will be in the path of "totality", when the sun will be fully blocked from view by the moon, including a portion of Crawford County. 

    Click here to view an interactive map of the eclipse path.

  • For more information on the solar eclipse in America, visit National Eclipse. 
    For more information on the solar eclipse in Arkansas, visit Arkansas Eclipse.


    Due to the expected level of traffic, ARDOT has prepared a traffic management plan. Click here to read the 2024 Solar Eclipse Traffic Management Plan.

    For up to date traffic information and road conditions, download the IDriveArkansas app available on Apple, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. 

  • While you're here, make sure to explore the amazing restaurants, shopping, and attractions in our area!
    Below is a list of resources to help you plan your visit to Crawford County.

  • Van Buren

    Van Buren is just outside the path of totality at a 99.849% obscuration.
    The eclipse will begin in Van Buren at 12:32 pm and end at 3:09 pm with maximum coverage at 1:50 pm. 

  • Tips for Viewing the Eclipse

    • Get your eclipse glasses early! They will sell out in the weeks before eclipse day. You may purchase eclipse glasses which are ISO 12312-2 certified and made in the USA at www.greatamericaneclipse.com/eclipse-viewing/eclipse-viewing-glasses
    • Learn the simple methods to safely view a solar eclipse. Visit eclipse.aas.org/eye-safety for detailed instructions.
    • Plan ahead. If you choose to stay in a hotel, be aware that most will sell out. A perfect guide to planning your eclipse is our Field Guide, greatamericaneclipse.com/books/field-guide-to-the-2023-and-2024-solar-eclipses.
    • Get to your destination early and try to spend eclipse night at or near your viewing location. Expect the highways and freeways to be extra busy in the aftermath of totality.
    • Be self-sufficient. Fill up your gas tank and bring food and water.
    • Check the local TV weather reports as eclipse day approaches. The meteorologists will give you great advice on viewing the eclipse and whether you may need to relocate. We recommend eclipsophile.com as the essential site for eclipse meteorology.
    • Unless you are an experienced photographer, we recommend that you not attempt photography during the eclipse. You will be so stunned that it will be difficult to operate a camera. If you choose to do photography, visit Fred Espenak’s MrEclipse.com for advice.
  • Tips for Businesses During the Eclipse

    • Follow official sources for updates on the eclipse such as
      1. Crawford County Department of Emergency Management (Facebook page)
      2. City of Van Buren (Facebook page)
      3. Van Buren Chamber of Commerce (Facebook page)
    • Plan your travel in advance as you consider the possible influx of visitors.
    • Stock up on essential supplies as shortages may arise due to delays in deliveries.
    • Gas up your vehicles before that weekend as supplies may run low due to demand and delivery delays.
    • Be prepared for cell service to be compromised due to the high demand during the weekend.
    • Businesses should plan for delayed deliveries due to traffic.
    • Carry cash in case credit card machines are not able to process charges.
    • Employees who have the option may consider working from home on April 8 to help mitigate traffic congestion.