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    The nomination form must be completed in full and contain sufficient memoranda documenting the Nominee’s contributions and achievements (i.e. letters documenting activities, letters of support, newspaper articles, etc.) to determine the candidate’s worthiness to receive the Award.
    Nominations must be submitted before May 3, 2019 at 4:30pm.

    1. In honor of the outstanding accomplishments, and in recognition of individual contributions and unselfish service to the community of Van Buren.

    2. The presentation of the award will be made at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting & Business Fair, June 6, 2019.

    The conditions of eligibility are as follows:

    1. The candidate must be a living person not an organization. However, the award may be given posthumously.

    2. He/She shall have been a local resident for 10 or more years.

    3. He/She shall have contributed to the City of Van Buren something of value in the field of leadership and/or education that has proved of value, and will continue to prove of value to the community in the future.

    4. He/She shall have developed and built significant personal accomplishments.

    5. He/She shall have participated actively in the community.

    6. Distinguished achievement may include significant contributions to the upgrading or improvement of Van Buren, involvement and support of non-profit organizations in the area.

    7. Nominees need not be members of the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce.

    8. The Van Buren Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to not present the award in any given year.
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    Please submit not less than one and no more than four references for the nominee. This can be a simple letter or email submitted by a fellow citizen that serves as a reference as to the eligibility of the nominee.