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  • Go Local

  • The “Go Local” initiative encourages keeping dollars here at home and supporting the shops and organizations that comprise the region.

    The message of the campaign simple. “Live. Shop. Work. Learn. Go Local.” The objective is two-fold.

    • Drive development and therefore, increase local tax revenue.
    • Provide a promotional benefit to Chamber members through cooperative marketing and branding of the “Go Local” image.

    Local dollars have tremendous economic impact on the city’s economy.  For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays here in the community. In addition, the velocity in which the dollars ‘turn over’ in the community is much faster when shoppers spend locally. Through “Go Local,” the Chamber encourages citizens and business owners to be mindful of where they shop so that Van Buren can benefit from the tax revenue. Dollars spent here, whether they be for groceries, fuel, hardware supplies, movie tickets, dinners out, or on repairs to your home or automobile, are crucial to Van Buren’s continued success.

    The campaign encompasses all members, and not just traditional stores and service providers. “Go Local” celebrates all the diverse industries represented by the Chamber. It seeks to highlight area businesses, as well as schools, churches, non-profits, recreational activities, and all other fields in the Chamber membership base. Each month, the Chamber features a business or organization in its “Member Spotlight.” An article about the member, along with photos and its logo, are all shared in the Chamber Weekly Update e-blast, on the Community Page in the Press-Argus Courier, and on social media.

    The Van Buren Chamber also offers its members “Go Local” marketing pieces that tout messages about the importance of spending money at home. Some include “Put your money where your heart is,” and “Local dollars make cents!” Staff also provide members with digital resources to integrate in their email, social media, and websites at no charge.