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  • Chamber Connections

    Governor Asa Hutchinson has proclaimed October 14-18 as Chamber of Commerce Week in Arkansas to recognize the state’s 140 chambers of commerce.

    If you were a little late to the website grab, you may have discovered that the name of your business had already been taken. Sometimes it's possible to purchase that name but other times a website already exists with your business’ name. Obviously, this is not ideal for your branding. But as the internet expands and more businesses come online .com and .net endings are no longer enough to meet demand.

    The fall and early winter are a treasure trove of holidays. It seems like we go from one to the next. That's why it's incredibly important to make sure you're using these momentous occasions in your marketing.

    When you’re merely meeting expectations, you’ll never rock the reviews. You need to start at “good” and aim for “mind-blowing.” The good news is data from Yelp shows it's easier than you think.